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Building the future

We are a Deep Tech Behavioural AdTech company looking to disrupt the advertising industry using a proprietary market-of-one privacy preserving platform that builds trust and facilitates relationships between brands and their customers. Customers will use our tailored digital coin that acts as a reward token which allows us to change the behaviours and attitude towards crypto, ultimately moving it towards mass market acceptance.

The only social mobile application that rewards you for the relationships you build with both your circle of friends as well as the products & brands you love. 

Friends & Family

Define your circles of trust, with your family, best friends, work colleagues, and others, to help define what you share with who. 

Products & Brands

Select the brands and products you would like to learn more about, and get invited to exclusive activities and events.

Digital Assistant

Share your likes and preferences with your digital assistant to improve the recommendations your receive while preserving your data and privacy.

Share Content

Share your content to your different circle of friends – allowing you to better control who sees what you post.



Receive rewards and discounts as you use the application. The more you interact, the more rewards you get.



Get access to exclusive events, product launches and promotions based on the brands and products you love.


Building Trust & Relationships is at the heart of what our platform facilitates in a privacy preserving way that puts you in control of who accesses your data.

Executive Team

Our founding executive team have significant experience in the technology, legal and advertising space.

David Irvine

David Irvine


Andy Pardoe

Andy Pardoe


Matthew Kellett

Matthew Kellett


our Platform

Our platform builds trust and relationships while preserving your privacy and putting you in control of your data.

Federated Learning

Federated learning running on your device means your data stays in your hands and the insights from it are used to request product details from only the brands you are interested in.


Digital Assistant

Our digital assistant chatbot allows you to share your likes and preferences in a more natural way when you want to.


Reward Token & Coin

Earn reward tokens and discounts by using the platform and sharing with your friends. Use the tokens for exclusive offers on the platform.



Negotiation Fabric

Our multi-agent intelligent fabric facilitates negotiations to get you the very best deals based on your specific preferences and requirements



Our platform will integrate and support various metaverse environments allowing you to seamlessly share your data with entities across those different virtual worlds



Define your avatar persona to be used both on our platform but also in the various virtual worlds and metaverse environments used by your circle of friends and brands



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