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Our Vision

defining a new paradigm for the advertising industry with our market of one technologies

To use technology to understand an individual consumer’s specific buying behaviours and choices and apply this insight to predict their individual preferences and behaviours.

Utilising technology, we can disrupt, create and define a new paradigm which is more relevant, contextual and individual to each consumer as a ‘Market of One’.

We call this Invite-Marketing.

This allows brands to tailor their messages and define their relationships to consumers precisely. Consumers are then able to ‘invite’ specific product opportunities based exactly on their own behaviours and choices, the result being that brands create closer and more contextual relationships with their target market.

Personalisation at Scale

We have now entered a “brave new world,” where media, advertising, and technology are coming together. The concepts of “pure play advertising” and “pure play media” are disappearing, and neither can stand alone. Technology is the driving force between the convergence of media and advertising.

Companies and Brands in B2C industries find themselves in the position of facing up to the somewhat daunting task of rebuilding, whilst understanding the new paradigms of their interface and interchangeable relationships with consumers. But the rules have changed and the battle for customers will now be won and lost through everyday interactions.

We provide clarity and insight on the influences most affecting consumers choices including crucially, behaviours and perceptions which make the difference between winning or losing a customer, between profit and loss of the company or, between the survival or death of a brand.

We translate and clarify individual consumers’ attitudes, changing behaviours and the contextual background against which purchase decisions are affected and made – providing understanding of what’s really influencing consumer perception, attitudes and thus behaviour Mei Digital offers the solution to this problem through E pluribus unum – from many, one.

For Brands, we understand these behavioural changes, bring our insight and are able to Personalise at Scale – to create thousands, indeed millions of Markets of One.

Based on trust, we quicken the task of rebuilding brands relationships with consumers; we understand the new paradigms of a brand’s relationships with these same consumers; ultimately we distinguish our clients from the competition and exploit the true power of the internet.

Behaviour Insights

Based entirely on an individual’s choices and behaviours Mei Digital will recommend and potentially purchase all goods & services for consumers.

Mei Twin is the first truly intelligent avatar which understands each of our very individual preferences and choices – based on that very information we are able to make only appropriate recommendations. And then actually purchase products should the consumer wish.

Presenting and recommending products based on consumers’ own choices and behaviours completely changes the approach of traditional ‘push & pull’ sales, marketing and advertising.

These unique ‘learnings’ create and achieve such closeness with a mass market of consumers on a market-of-one basis.

We are not disrupting sales, marketing & advertising rather, we are creating an entirely new paradigm.


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